Education Week Presentations

The Art of Relationships: Becoming One with Our Father
The greatest relationship we can develop is with our Father in Heaven.  He invites us several times in scripture to ask, to seek, and to knock.  He then attaches beautiful promises if we will do these things.  In this class we will explore the power of personal prayer as we strive to become one with our Father tin Heaven by asking, seeking and knocking. 

The Art of Relationships: Experiencing Joy in the Messiness of Motherhood
Motherhood is messy, in all facets of that word!  As mothers we carry the heavy responsibility of nurturing our children.  When we accept this divine role, we learn to truly find joy in the motherhood journey.  By creating a house of learning, recognizing our potential as creators, teaching by example and  placing faith above fear, we can focus on building deeper relationships within the walls of our homes and lead our children to Christ in the process.  

The Art of Relationships:  What is Perfect Love? 
The Lord has high expectations when He states, "Be ye therefore perfect."  This invitations can leave us feeling overwhelmed. Does the Lord really expect us to be perfect?  To answer this question we will contrast the world's expectations with the Lord's definition of perfection.  As we do so we will come to understand that by accepting grace through Christ's atonement and learning how to love one another we can be perfect today.

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