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Our Georgia Journey

We are on an adventure!  For the past two months — and for the next two months — we are in Georgia.  Why?  J has a sabbatical teaching for Kennesaw State University this semester. Though it all hasn’t been thornless roses, we have been super grateful for the breath of fresh air for our family.  Here are some highlights of life and lessons learned…  Home Life Shifts After Kids Leave Home We sent Addie off to college in June. Yes!  She graduated in May and a few weeks later started her first semester at BYU in Provo.  As overwhelming as that was for her, I think it was a great decision.  She was able to ease into college life before the mad rush of fall and secured a great job as well.   With Addie moving out we began raising what J calls, “Our Second Family.”  We have ONLY BOYS at home!  The older three are off living their adult lives (John with Addie in Provo and Brooklynn on a mission in California).  I love them and miss them!  However, I will say life is pretty different now that t

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