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Lately,  I’ve been thinking about is how we have so many opportunities to repent, to change, to grow and to shift our thinking.  I recently re-read a post I never published at the beginning of the pandemic.  It was so hard! Yet, I now look back at that original pandemic shut down of 2020 as a time of recentering.  Our family was no longer being pulled apart by the outside world.  We were centered on being together (though forced) and pressures seemed to be lessened.  Of course, there were fears as we, with the rest of the world, tried to understand this disease upon us, but we were comfortable and safe in our home together.  As I was reading the unpublished post,  I realized my family is having another “shut down” right now.  No, we are not quarantined, social distancing, stock-piling, or wearing masks.  We are simply on sabbatical — in every sense of the word. For the last few months we have been living in Acworth, Georgia (just north of Atlanta) while J teachers at Kennesaw State a f

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