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Fact: God is Love

The other night at the dinner table, we were talking about onions. My 12-year old refuses to eat onions and was complaining about the opinions in his spaghetti.  My 16-year old exclaimed, “Onions are so good!”  To which my 6-year old piped up, “That’s an opinion…. Want me to tell you a fact?”  “Sure.” I was intrigued by his involvement in the conversation.  “Dogs bark.” He said.  Fast forward a couple of days.  We were talking to our missionary daughter and I was relaying the story about Donovan sharing facts and opinions.  Addie asked, “So, Donovan, what is a fact about God.”  “A fact about God?! He loves us!!” Without a beat, this truth was spoken!  And I thought: Why do little children know this so surely?  Why do we forget this truth as time passes?  Last night the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints held a worldwide broadcast for the Relief Society sisters.  Listen to these messages:  “He loves you and desires to be a part of your life and your concerns, your happiness, yo

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