Choose to S.M.I.L.E.  
One of our great purposes for this journey on earth is to put our spiritual desires in control of our carnal tendencies. Learn how to become more spiritually minded and filled with the power of Christ by using five simple and effective principles.  You just might find yourself waking up with a smile every day!

Experiencing Joy in the Messiness of Motherhood
"Is this all I'm meant to do? There must be more to this life?" A common question is heard among mothers in our culture.  Though desiring to be mothers, we might also yearn for something "more."  How do we find joy in the seemingly mundane tasks of motherhood while also developing our individual identities as women?  What are some ways we can truly embrace our roles as mothers, women and daughters of God? 

What is Perfect Love? 
The Lord has high expectations when He states, "Be ye therefore perfect."  This invitation can often leave us feeling overwhelmed.  Does the Lord really expect us to be perfect?  To answer this question we will contrast the world's expectations with the Lord's definition fo perfection.  As we do so we will come to understand that by accepting grace through Christ's atonement and learning how to love one another we can be perfect today. 

The Power of YOU (Especially for Youth)
What would the world be like without YOU?  Pause and really think about it, take this question seriously.  In this world of constant change and various voices, we are often afraid to be ourselves.  And yet, the world truly is a better place because YOU live in it.  The greatest power lies in finding your center and being who you are meant to be! 

Joyful Living:  Finding Joy in Every Day
Have you ever celebrated gumdrop day?  What about Talk Like a Pirate Day?  Did you know there is a holiday for almost every day of the year.  Discover ways to brighten your home by making every day a celebration!

Leading Our Children to Christ
The life of a mom is unlike any other as we struggle to meet the many demands placed upon is each day.  Sometimes through all of this we forget the most basic and simple principles that truly have the power to show our children who Christ is and how He can be a part of their lives.

The 5 E's of Education
"Organize yourselves; prepare every needful think; and establish a house, even a house of prayer, a house o ffasting, a house of faith, a house of learning, a house of glory, a house of order, a house of God (Doctrine & Coveannts 88:119)."  As mothers we are our children's first teacher!  Let's learn how we can create an environment in our home that fosters learning through study, faith and love. 

The Power of Personal Prayer
Matthew 7:12 tells us if we ask, seek and knock we shall find answers to the questions in our lives.  What does it mean to ask, to seek and to knock?  What are the promises directly related to each action?  Through meaningful, personal prayer we can build a deeper relationship with our Father in Heaven and truly feel our prayers being answered. 

Whatsoever is Bound on Earth
Unity in family life a s constant daily struggle.  Sibling rivalry rears its head more often than we'd like, marital bliss seems elusive at times, and busy schedules rom us of quality interactions with those we love most.  Yet, the sealing power is real and something to be fostered here on earth for eternal reward. As we learn to fulfill our God-given responsibilities as mothers and fathers, we can truly bind our families together forever. 

Julia Hathaway

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