Relishing in the Moments

 Okay, so normally I destest snow.  I have loved living here for that very reason . . . very little snow.  But this year is a whole different story, and it's a good thing because it came record-breakingly early!!  For some reason I just couldn't wait to get the kids out in the snow.  Maybe it's because I've been feeling cooped up in the house for the past 8 weeks (yes, we are expecting #6 and morning sickness if finally subsiding!).  Or maybe it's because JW was home for a whole week and I wanted to just make it a week of fun and games!  Or maybe it's because the snow actually made it feel like holiday time because we've had such a warm, sunny autumn.  I don't know why, I just know that I was eager to take the kids sledding!  So, I had each of the kids invite a friend to go sledding with us.  We only lasted a short 45 minutes before most of the kids were frozen (mostly mine because we really aren't equipped for snowy weather!).  Afterwards I brought them all to our house for hot chocolate and sour cream twists (a yummy pastry created by my very own mother!).  Delicious!  We had all the fixin's for good hot cocoa, too . . . flavorings, cinnamon, wipped cream or ice cream.  And then the kids just stayed to play for a good couple of hours.  It was fabulous. 

Also, thanks to the snow, our travel plans were cancelled which means we got to stay home and have our own quiet and lovely Thanksgiving dinner and day!  Don't get me wrong, I love our families, but it was sure nice to have a week of nothing but our own family, games, movies and yummy food.  I tried a small turkey breast in the crockpot this year (our large, ancient dictionary came in handy keeping the lid tight) and it was so fabulous & easy, I don't think I'll want to do a large turkey ever again!  Loved it! 

And so this week I got to relish in the simple, the fun and the joyous parts of being a mother and a wife!  Again, I attribute a lot to the fact that I'm actually feeling so much better and ready to start the 2nd trimester.  The pressure of being a wife and mother was starting to weigh on me as the weeks dragged on these past couple of months.  It's always nice to know the bad moments don't last forever.  But it's also just as bitter, sometimes, to realize the good and great moments won't always last forever! 
This week was a reminder to me of all that I truly am grateful for and to be even more grateful for the small moments that add up to many great memories! 
This week reminded me to remember what truly matters most!


  1. Congratulations on #6!! That's so exciting! Did you hear that we've moved to Washington? We're planning on visiting your neck of the woods around Christmas, will you be around? We'd love to stop by and visit.


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