Summer Theme

The last few years I have tried to have a “Summer Theme.”  Rather than hitting all of the “things” that we mothers feel summer *should* be, I thought putting everything under one umbrella would simplify the demands (I place on myself).  This theme idea all started with our MARVELous Summer.  I’m not so sure the past couple of summers have been as memorable, but this year I had a whole new idea.  

Now that it is just my boys around here, I was thinking about what I really desired for them.  I also thought about my own personal goal for 2022, which is health — physical, emotional, mental…all of it. As I pondered this I came up with an acronym, which in turn became our theme: 



                           Appetite (or Attitude) 




And it’s so simple!  Each boy is expected to choose one thing from each area every day.  Then, when they ask if they can go play with friends or watch a show or play video games, I only need to ask, “Did you work on your health?”  

In reality:  Joel (17) is rarely home, so I’m a bit lenient about his stuff.  And David (11) needs a lot more direction and coaxing in the decisions he makes (in other words, I have some more strict expectations in each category for him).  Donovan (5) is in the learning stages and I mostly involve him when he’s bored.  And Ethan (15) works on these categories a bit begrudgingly and half-heartedly.  However, in theory, it is a pretty awesome theme (if I do say so myself). 

Most importantly, this theme does 3 things for me. 

      1. It sets up clear expectations which reduces arguing and lectures (something I’m oh so good at!).  

      2. It creates a unified family goal in which we can all participate (difficult with our age ranges).

      3. It gives me peace of mind during these less structured summer months. There is structure, but flexibility.  Mom is happier. 

 - - - - - 

“Encouraging children to live healthy lifestyleS is something I take very seriously.” 

- Mo Williams


  1. I really like this. I had forgotten what the letters stood for. I think I need this for me!!!


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