Friday night my friends celebrated the soon-to-be baby coming with me.  I didn't want a "shower"  - - baby #6, don't really need anything, many reasons - - but when a friend of mine suggested one, we decided instead to just have a fun Ladies Night Out in honor of the baby.  And it was perfect!  Just what I needed!  We played Wii Just Dance (yes, 8 mths pregnant and all!), made these cute onesies for the baby and ate a DELICIOUS mexican-style dinner.  We also had the ladies bring a donation for the local pregnancy center in our area, if their "baby buying bug" was itching them.  :-) 

Anyway, the point is . . . I am so grateful for good friends!  I believe it's from Why Gender Matters where Leonard Sax states that women need women.  In our current society we've gotten away from the "talking gossip over the backyard fence" days and it's even odd to bug your neighbor for a cup of flour or a few eggs.  But Dr. Sax points out that women need those types of relationships for their own strength and sanity.  I can say that I have been blessed with these types of friendships throughout my life. 

My husband thinks I'm weird when I talk about my youth.  Maybe I fantasize it a little bit, but I really was blessed with great friends growing up.  Friends who would sneak into the church with me to practice scripture mastery and sing hymns at the top of our lungs on the way home from a long date.  Friends who wouldn't pressure me to do things I didn't want to do, valuing the standards I had set for myself.  Friends who let me talk on and on and on about my current crush of the day (I had many!) without pushing me away.  And in college, friends who would go on ice cream & french fry runs with me when the stress of it all was too much to deal with and celebrate with me when I got my first kiss!  :-)  I'm pleased to say many of those friendships have continued past college & high school. 

I can say the same things for my friends now.  No, we're not sneaking into churches (though we have toilet papered a few houses in the past) or discussing current crushes.  But we are strengthening one another at maybe a deeper level as we discuss parenting, homemaking, and the gospel.  There's just nothing like a good friend and I'm so glad I have them!  :-) 

"Choose your friends carefully.  They will greatly influence how you think and act, and even help determine the person you will become." 


  1. I agree. It helps that you're such a great friend to all of us! Friends are super important and it's fun to have a girls night.


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