The Lessons We Get to Learn

My husband just reminded my kids that there is no holiday from learning.
Every day we learn something . . .
 whether you ask for it or not!  

He was born Saturday, May 28th @ 4am
7 lbs. 13 oz. 
Cute as can be!
 With this birth, however, there came some complications and some lessons to be learned. This post may have some continuing information as the week goes on.  I have wanted to write down all of the many things I've learned and the tender mercies of the Lord (aka little miracles) which have occurred, but finding the time has been a little bit difficult. 

 Things I've Learned

1.  Be Careful What You Say!  :-)  This whole pregnancy had been one of my easiest.  I had a few bad days here and there, morning sickness was the worst of all of them, but after that I didn't have many complaints.  I kept telling my husband that something was bound to go wrong.  I didn't mean I wanted them to go wrong.  :-)

2. Of all the nurses I have dealt with (and I've seen a lot this week!), my favorites are the NICU nurses (sorry Tara & Becky!).  I just love them! 

3.  Say YES when the nurses ask if you want a hospital robe.  After a couple of days without it, I wish I'd have had it the whole time!  Just that one white robe made me feel much more luxurious.  :-)

4.  You should definitely get a pedicure right before having a baby!  That's the best thing I've done in all my pregnancies.  Again, I feel much more glamorous (and you know how attractive you feel right after having a baby!).

5. Patience.  But more than patience.  Being able to accept the unknown & going day by day hand in hand with prayer.  Not everything can be planned.  Sometimes you need to put timing in the hands of others . . . and most especially in the Lord's.

6.  Even if you're feeling good, there will still be dark moments.  It's okay to just cry.  Or get mad.  Or sleep it off.  And, even if you're feeling good, it's okay to let others take care of you.   

7. I have the CUTEST kids in the world (don't even try to argue that one with me).

Our Tender Mercies

1. The doctor on call happened to be the one I had seen for 90% of the pregnancy.  Only the Lord would know I needed that to be the case.

2. Simply because his wife is emotional, my darling husband showed up to lend moral support for his wife.  Little did we know that not even 30 minutes later I would need him for much more than that. 

3.  This little laptop.  J. got me a little laptop recently and has been trying to get it to work for weeks.  Just last week I could finally start using it.  Without this little electronic contraption, my stay in the hospital would be unbearable.

4. Our baby D, of course!  His temperament could not be more perfect during  a time like this.  We'll see if things change when we get home, but for now, I am eternally grateful for his contentment.

5. A room with a View! On this night, hopefully my final night as a patient, I get to feel luxurious once again as I look out my window to see the beautiful sky,  mountains and treetops (no more hospital roof views).  It's gorgeous!  Oh, and I get to order free movies on television!

You know, this experience has been trying at times.  Many things have gone wrong.  It is just nice to have the assurance the the Lord is in the details of our lives, watching out for us day to day, and allowing us to get the lessons we need in this life to become who He needs us to be.  I hope as the next few weeks go on that I can continue to look for the small miracles and the life lessons to be learned from all that has and will continue to happen.


  1. He's adorable! Congratulations! I hope you are enjoying at least parts of your longer hospital stay. The movies and laptop sound nice. I'll have to arrange a night to bring you dinner and take your kids after you get home. (It's always nicer further in, at least it is for me.) We are so happy for your family. Get better quick!

  2. He is beautiful. I'm glad things are working out. I can't wait to meet David.


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