Blessing Day

In the LDS church we perform what is called giving the child a name and a blessing when they are born.  Today was David's special day!  :-)

Grandma Hathaway made this handsome "suit" & each of our boys have been able to use it.  The blanket is a Bethlehem blanket, purchased while I was at college in Israel.
D was blessed by his daddy. Also in the circle were his cousin Tom, Grandpa Hathway and the bishop.

Our first attempt at getting SIX CHILDREN in one picture!  Alll looking the same direction.  All smiling.  Were we successful?!?

And more pictures of our newest little person. 
He was blessed with strength in mind, body and spirit.


  1. Looks like a pretty good attempt at a sibling picture! They are all so cute and unique in their own ways, aren't they? You see that even more with more kids too.
    David is adorable. I'm glad he was able to have his blessing. What a special day! I love the suit. =)


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