How do I Study?

Since being released as gospel doctrine teacher I have struggled a little with what to study each morning.  I'm like a squirrel-chasing dog, flitting from one topic to another. I also wonder what to do with the information I find.  With no deadline (i.e. gotta be ready to teach that lesson on Sunday) I haven't really figured out what to do with all this information, how to cement it in one concise form.

Anyway, all of these rambling thoughts (and the New Year) have caused me to think about how I study.  Here are some thoughts I've had in how I want to make my scripture study more meaningful this year:

I like to start with my calling.  Lately, I have studied quite a bit about Primary and the purpose of this blessed organization.  I also have read some talks on teacher improvement as that is one of our primary focal points as a presidency.  And with this calling comes special attention to the children talked about in the scriptures, what they were taught and how the Lord, Jesus Christ, felt about these precious little ones.

At the beginning of my scripture study I've started by asking, "What is my question?"   But, how do we know what questions to ask.  Life situations will help. For example, a current experience in our family has led me to study the topic of patience...what it is and how to obtain it.   Another thing we can do is simply start reading.  One verse read intently can lead to a plethora of questions!

I also honed in on what Elder Robert D. Hales said from the most recent general conference and want to incorporate more of this into my study:

The messages of this conference will also be woven into the online youth curriculum. Parents, you may access youth lessons for yourself on Find out what your children are learning, and make it the subject of your own study, family discussions, family home evenings, family councils, and personal interviews with each of your children concerning what they need to be taught individually.

Another thing that has fallen into my lap is having study buddies.  I have a couple of friends with whom I meet to discuss the scriptures. There's no formal agenda, no set day and time, no expectations.  We just sit and talk about whatever one of us has been studying, ask questions, make connections and enjoy our friendship. This has been a real blessing in my life.

And now the part I'm working on improving:  Giving Myself a Deadline.  It's just like when I was homeschooling, we had to create our own deadlines, right?  My goal is to study a topic for a week or two and then write about it.  I'd like to post here or write mini-talks on each topic I study.  I don't really know, yet, but I'm going to do something.  :-)


"When we feast upon the word of God, we open our minds to eternal truths and our hearts to the gentle whisperings of the Holy Ghost."   
- - Elder Joseph B. Wirthlin, CR April 2001 - - 


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