Celebrate Your Name Week

I have always loved my name!  So, this week is one of my favorites to contemplate.  Though I've had lots of ideas through the years, we haven't really done much with this week.  But this year I have high hopes!  Mostly because I think E will really love working on projects about himself all week.

Sunday (yesterday) - Explore your Namesake
Who were you named after? Or how did you get your name? 

Write an acrostic poem using your name:
Just around the corner
Under the big oak tree
Lila and Lily were playing a game
Along with me.

This week check out some books from the library containing your child's name (one reason to use common names rather than trendy new creations).

Find a song containing your child's name. Or write one yourself!

Monday (today) - Fun Facts About Names
Freakonomics has awesome stuff about names.
How popular is your name?

Tuesday - Unique Names Day
My name used to be unique.  I could never see it on any toy license plates or key chains.  Now I can find it more often.  Actually, walking through Toys 'R' Us awhile back there was a placemat titled, "Princess Julia."  I almost bought it.  Maybe I should have.

Do you have a unique name?  Write about how you feel about your name (unique or not).

Have your child create their own creature or pet today.  See what kind of unique name they can come up with! 

Wednesday - Discover What Your Name Means Day

just a random example
Artwork:  Have your child make a piece of artwork with their name and it's definition.  There are many ways to do this:  paint, draw an outline of the name and fill with beans or glitter, use stickers, write the letters and make shapes or animals out of each letter, etc.

Watch Romeo and Juliet.  Have your kids look for this quote:
"What's in a name? That which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet."

Thursday -  Nametag Day
What will people say if you wear a nametag all day?  

Have your kids make up new names for themselves.  Wear nametags so you can remember who's who! 

Friday - Middle Name Pride Day
I grew up without a middle name.  I made one up...a different one each week!  What about you?  Do you take pride in your middle name?

Make an acrostic poem with your middle name today.

Write a letter to your namesake and tell them thank you for giving you such a name to hold up to.

Find a story about the person for whom you were named.

Saturday - Descendants Day
Time to delve into family history!

Teach your children about family indexing.  As a family, set a goal for the day to see how much you can get done!

Help your child create their pedigree chart.  Or even more fun, make a tree with pictures:


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