Targeting our Youth

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My husband and I recently watched a very intriguing Frontline newscast about Facebook and it's threat to our youth.  My favorite part was this montage comparing Hunger Games to this widespread social media site.  Watch it!  :-)

As I watched this I was awestruck by the way youth are targeted as free advertising agents for companies.  Smart idea for the companies, but the kids are buying into the idea that they are getting stuff (popularity, "likes," sponsors, etc.) when really they are getting nothing!  This is a great way for the adversary to distract these kids from what is really important, from reading their true potential. I realized that night just how vulnerable our youth can be.

Well, the next day sitting in sacrament meeting I was struck with another thought.  Looking at the program in sacrament meeting I saw the announcement, "Under the direction of the First Presidency all youth ages 12 and up were invited to attend the adult session of stake conference." I reflected on the night before where I had just watched the first General Women's Meeting of the church with my two daughters.  We were surrounded by beautiful young women that night!

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Then it struck me. 

The Lord is addressing the youth as well! 

I remember a quote I read by Hugh Nibley which basically said the pull will be equal on both sides or agency will no longer exist.  The pull is equal on both sides!  Just as the adversary is ramping up his game plan and knowing where to hit, the Lord is doing likewise.  He knows the true potential of these kids and He is going to do all that lies within His power to ensure that they are prepared and have the right tools to fight this raging battle!

How awesome it is to live at a time when the fight is coming to a head.  How exciting to watch the Lord strengthen His people, if we will but heed and hearken!  On the flip side, how daunting it is to be a parent at this time, hoping that correct principles are being taught in our homes so our own youth are equipped to fight the battle.  The pressures are high, but on the Lord's side there will be victory!


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