The view from our lovely lake cabin rental.
Sometimes you have to step out of "normal life" and just breathe in the views.  This weekend my hubby whisked me away for a much-needed rejuvenation weekend. April was a month of immense stress...physically, spiritually, emotionally, and more!  In the middle of it all I told J. I just wanted him to take me somewhere.  In my impractical mind I was thinking Hawaii or Mexico or something.  With that vision in my mind time away seemed impossible.

And yet...

I found some cabins in seclusion, sent the pictures to him with the tagline, "Surprise me!"

And he did!

Two nights in seclusion with impeccable views.

As I have looked over the lake throughout the day I have been in complete awe at how much change the skies have gone through in 12 hours:

Morning:  overcast skies, grey waters.

A couple of hours later clouds rolling in, green & grey water choppy.

Moments later rain and thunder.

By the evening the skies were blue, sun streaming through the clouds, and the water just as blue and calm as the sky.

As the sun sets the water is so calm it's as if a storm didn't just roll by.

As I take in this visual view, I find it symbolic of our purpose for this weekend.  We needed to step out of the world for just one moment to fully see the view.  A storm has just passed, but the waters can be just as calm in our lives as the lake before me if we are founded on a sure foundation.

I'm also realizing, this same tranquility can be found within our own home as we place the most important things first.  Just as Sister Reeves said in her talk this past conference, "'The only things that really need to be accomplished in the home are daily scripture study and prayer and weekly family home evening.'"  I believe she was referring to these as family events.  However, when done privately as individuals these are the personal "seclusion moments" we are given wherein we can get a "glimpse of heaven," a view of what God may be seeing in our lives. He's watching the storms pass ever so quickly and making our waters calm.

Sometimes we just need step back and enjoy the view!


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