Facebook: Faith not Fear


As I've made this big leap (for me) of joining Facebook I've been asking myself why I didn't do this before.  What was keeping me from joining the masses in this social media arena?  Sure the excuse may have been, "I have no need, I keep contact with the friends I want to."  Or I used that tactic that I didn't want to get addicted (still true).  And, I've also wanted my kids to not think it was a normal necessity in their lives.

As I've looked at it more closely, I've realized it's been about fear.  Fear that I would get "sucked in." Fear that I would look for outside approval.  Fear that my kids wouldn't learn how to really socialize.  Probably even some fear that I wouldn't be "liked."  Fear that I have no clue how to use it!  I don't want everyone seeing everything and worried I wouldn't know how to protect myself from that.  Fear of government control plays a tiny part of the hesitation I've had with joining.  In general, I can now see that I based my decision partially on fear.

I recently ran across this very interesting article by Elder L. Tom Perry where he said this:

It is "in the world" where we have the privilege of coming and enjoying a mortal experience. It is "in the world" where we we are tested and tried. It is "in the world" where we have opportunities to participate in sacred, saving ordinances which will determine our postmortal life.  It is "in the world" where we have the opportunity to serve and make our contribution to mankind.  It is to this world the Savior must come....May we have the necessary faith to place our trust in the Lord and not worry about the forces that will surely oppose righteousness.  May we have the courage to move forward in the cause of truth.  As we live "in the world," may we contribute by making it a better place because of righteous living, our service in causes that are just, and our faith that good will ultimately triumph over evil."  (CR Aprl 1988)

I realize now, after listening to Elder Bednar's recent address as well, that we are to live in the world in which we were born.  I need to more fully embrace the technologies that are here by divine inspiration, to see them as tools for furthering the kingdom of God upon the earth.  I've still got some trepidation, but a little is okay to safeguard against the adversary.  This can be his tool as well.  But I will choose to have more faith than fear and to learn all I can so I can use these tools more effectively for the right purpose.


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  2. I just "friended" you! I totally understand all your feelings. This week I'm evaluating my own FB use and will be scaling back just a bit--just being more mindful of when I check it and not letting myself spend too much time doing it. It is easy to think you'll just check on one person or one quick thing and then get distracted by lots of other posts. Still, it is a great way to keep up with people. I'll see you there...and here!


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