Have a Bad Day

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I think many would agree that Alexander and theTerrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day by Judith Viorst is one of the greatest classics of all time.  Who has ever NOT had a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day?  We've all lived in a family where we felt misunderstood or ignored at one time or another.  Living in a family, there will be those days when you feel you are cursed, while everyone else is blessed.  There are some great valuable lessons to be had from this excellent book, as well as some fun educational activities!

Language Arts:  
Alexander's not the only one to have a bad day.  Check these other stories out about other characters who feel equally as horrible.

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Use a Venn Diagram to compare and contrast these four stories.  What were the similarities and differences between each character's bad day?  Which character do you think had the worst day and why?  Maybe write a story of your own horrible, very bad day.

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Time-  What does a busy day look like in your life?   See this website for a good worksheet

Here's also a great lapbook on telling time: Iman's Home-School

Probability and Chance - Read this Math Matters book and do the activities in back of the book.

Play these probability games.  So fun!

Alexander takes a  trip to the dentist who discovers a cavity.  I LOVE this idea of making a mouth with mini-marshmallows!  Such a cute idea and great way to teach kids how to properly brush.

Take a field trip to the dentist's office if you can and have the dentist talk about what he does to help keep our mouths healthy.

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In this video, how did the boy change the bad day into a good day?
What can we do to turn bad days around?

Draw a picture of your family.  Next to each family member, write one thing you love about them.

Draw a picture of yourself.  Around your picture, write all of the good that happened in your day.

On November 19th 
Have a Bad Day!!

Note:  Here's another good resource for additional activities to deepen your study. 


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