Sweet Sixteen!!

See that handsome face?!

My little boy, John, is 16 years old!

Which means...I'm getting old!  (But that's a whole different topic for some other date).

This is my very favorite picture of him as a little boy.  He was only 4 years old in this shot. It's hard to imagine that when he was born his tiny, 4-pound body could fit in my husband's hand.  Being two months early we were a bit concerned about his health.  Yet, there was also so much peace surrounding this little boy, we knew he would be just fine...even better than fine.

I have to say, raising John has been more of a Parenting 101 course  (Heavenly Father saved the Parenting 505 course for last).  As I said, John has just had a peace about him that is both endearing and contagious.  As the oldest he has been a great example for his younger siblings, a tough load to carry.  He is kind and courteous of others.  He's not a man of many words, but most of the time he onl speaks kindness.  His heart is just inherently good.

I'm trying to imagine three years from now with him blessing our home with his presence no longer.  I'm hoping that the days will be long so that we can enjoy every last moment (though, at sixteen, I think we're all  a little ready for his independence!).

My prayer for him is that he will continue to be kind and to know who he is.  I pray he will do great things that uplift him as well as others.  I pray he will always have a prayer in his heart, to be guided by the only one who knows where he needs to go and be.  I pray that my heart will be strong as he grows into adulthood and strives for success.  But ultimately, I pray he can be strong - -  in body, mind and spirit - - to withstand the greater pressures that inevitably come with aging and life.

Here's to Sweet Sixteen!! 


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