New Year Goals

2016 is going to be GREAT!!!!  
(because  I said so)

I am so determined to put these past two years behind me, to embrace where I am today and live hopefully toward the future.  It really is going to be a great year!

I'm not one to focus on one thing to work on.  I tend to want to fix everything all at once!  So, I make lists (lots of them all year long).  My new year list is no exception (I figure if it's long, I'll at least accomplish one):

1. No sugar.  No sugar at all, all year.  Honey doesn't count.  100% Maple syrup?  Haven't decided, but that will probably count on sugar.  My body is horribly inflamed and so I'm being compelled (for the third time at least) to make this change in my life (plus, I'm promised a get-away with my husband if I do it!)

2. Finish our Family Photo books.  Every since D came along...all mothers know this story.  Gonna get them done!

3. Keep a prayer journal.  This one was inspired by the movie War Room.  So good.  Definitely one to watch again...and again...and again.

4. Read 1 Newberry Award Winning book a month.  This one's been on my New Year's goal list the past couple of years, with no success.  I'm bound and determined to make it happen this year.

5. Work toward my own personal goals toward teaching and writing.  One step at a time...

6. Create a scripture journal for my children (one in particular).  I've looked at all the scripture journals available (i.e. Red Headed Hostess) and they just aren't the right style for my daughter.  So, I'm killing two birds goals with one stone:  Reading the Book of Mormon while created a journal for her to fill out.  I'm actually REALLY excited about this one (may be sharing in future posts).

7. Read The Soft-Spoken Parent with my hubby.  We could both use a refresher course on proactive parenthood as we enter the world of raising teenagers (and a 4 year old who thinks he rules the world!!!).

8. Write and/or send a note to someone each week.  Time to stop thinking of myself.  ;-)

That's a pretty good list, I think.  Not too impossible.  ;-)

I'm most excited about our family goals this year.  I think they are awesome!  We just have two:
1. Participate in a 5K together
2. Each find one family name to prepare for temple ordinances.

So there you have it from my world.  It's in writing and published for the masses...nothing like that to keep me committed!  It really is going to be a great year.  The Lord has been good to us, but I am ready for smaller mountains to climb (at least for a minute).


  1. I would love to know what you eat every day. I should probably join you in the sugar free eating. At the very least, count me as one of your biggest cheerleaders. Love your goals!


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