Summertime...Let them be Bored

So, I had all of these perfectly laid out plans for summer (have you seen all of the summer ideas all over Pinterest and Facebook lately!).  Yeah.  I was going to do ALL of it!  But one week in...and it is no longer.  With teens who have their own ideas of how summer should be and little boys who just want to run and play, it was tricky for me to come up with a happy balance.  Thus. I have yet again realized I am no longer in control of this little brood of mine any longer.  But it's okay....

...Because a few days ago the thought came, "Just let them be bored."  Fortunately, I've had a long trip to prepare for, making it very easy to "ignore" my children and allow that little thought to simmer.   Yes, I have requested a family hike every Thursday and they each have their daily job (house cleaning).  And yes, each of them are expected to have a goal or two over the summer.  But my perfectly planned schedule no longer rules the household.  And guess what?!?  It's amazing what they're doing!

My fifteen-year-old has a job! She's working so hard cleaning house for a single mom in our neighborhood.

My thirteen-year-old is happier than ever because she doesn't have to follow someone else's schedule! She spends her time reading (gasp!), organizing, and doing extra jobs to make a little money for the school year ahead. She even comes and asks me frequently if there's anything I need help with, "because I don't have anything to do."  Who is this child?!?

My eleven-year-old started to write a book!

My two youngest boys are playing together as little boys do (just take away the electronics and imaginations roam wild!).

My sixteen-year-old is growing up....and it's time I let him.  He'll be getting his license soon, has applied to a few places for work, and learning to make his own decisions about how he spends his time better.

What I've learned...boredom can be a great motivator and actually spawn creativity.  Of course, once I get back from my trip I'm sure my scheduling self will take over some, but hopefully I'll to continue to just let them be bored and watch great things happen!

Happy Summer Everyone!


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