What Christmas Means to Me

A mother. Young. Fair. Innocent. Mild.
Bringing into this world a humble, small child.
Her eyes must have shone with honor and fear.
Her heart must have felt her Father so near.

A father. Strong. Faithful. Noble. Kind.
To a woman with child himself he would bind.
Not knowing, yet knowing, all that would be.
His mind must have pondered the Child he’d see.

A Child. Helpless. Lovely. Precious. Small.
Coming to this world to save one and all.
Dependent on mother and father, true.
Who could imagine the things He would do.

Shepards. Awed. Wondering. Faithful. Sweet.
Leading their flocks to the Child they’d meet.
Confused, yet aware, of the witness they’d be.
Hearts must have swelled as they knelt on their knee.

Wise men. Traveling. Seeking. Knowing.
Searching the heav’ns for the star that was glowing.
Though distance and years would pass them by.
They pressed on in earnest, their eyes to the sky.

Disciples. Waiting. Hopeful. Strong. Bound.
Determined to follow the God they have found.
We struggle and climb, hearts heavy and light.
Remembering the Joy who was born on that night.

Merry Christmas!


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