Transitions and Milestones

This is a BIG week for our family!  

Brooklynn celebrated 20 years of living!  We got to talk with her on her birthday and it was such a special treat to sing to her miles away.  She’s happily serving the people of Lancaster, California and shining a light wherever she goes.  

David will be 10 on Friday!  We’ve been reminiscing that he was Donovan’s age when we first moved here.  He has been counting down the days because he does not love being 9.  I guess 10 is a bit of a rite of passage at our house, that time when you are no longer a “little kid” (though 10 is still so little from this Mama’s perspective). 

Also happening Friday, Addie will graduate from high school!  She will be leaving in just a few short weeks to head to college and I am really trying to prepare myself for that.  She is an amazing young woman and will do great things, but man we are going to miss her! (Only boys from here on out!)

With all of this in mind, Elder Jeffrey R. Holland’s recent Facebook post resonated wholeheartedly with me.  He said: 

 Seeing my grandchildren progress is a great thrill for a grandfather. My extended family is currently in the midst of some wonderful experiences—including the recent temple marriage of my grandson and his lovely bride and my granddaughter receiving her temple endowment and subsequent departure on her mission next month.

Sometimes we fear the future and worry about how change will affect us. I encourage you to embrace these new phases and stages in life as part of God’s plan. We should celebrate and enjoy these moments. Please don’t worry too much about them.
As a proud grandfather, I look forward to the future of my children and grandchildren with hope and faith. New doors will constantly open for each of us—and we should be prepared to walk through them. Change and progression are part of God’s plan for us.

As much as I love to celebrate with my children as they experience these new milestones, I am never fully prepared for how they will tug at my heartstrings. It’s too easy to look back at previous years with eyes of love and longing, wishing I could go back to those days. No, those days were not perfect, but it amazes me how the pain and struggle dim with time.

Sometimes the future is scary because I don’t know what it’s going to look like. But, I love Elder Holland's optimistic words because they help me see this phase of life with a different perspective. There is still so much to look forward to as my children grow up, leave home, and venture off onto their own adventures. I want to just sit back and love the journey as it unfolds in front of me.

- - - - - -

“There are two gifts we should give our children; one is roots, and the other is wings.”
- - Anonymous - -


  1. So many beautiful things to celebrate!
    I looked through pictures a few days ago to collect some favorites for my senior and got to revisit so many special friends! I'm so glad for the time I was able to spend with my kids when they were tiny and also so glad they are bigger now and doing great things and I'm looking forward to all that is coming up in their lives over the next ten years. Ten years old really is a big deal. Our youngest is 10 now and having all of us in double-digits is pretty cool, plus you can see hints of their future adult coming out (and sometimes their inner toddler too. Life's a surprise with a ten year old!)

  2. Loved your post. I am feeling much the same way as Conner is getting ready to leave. It will be so weird to not have any kids at home. It has been such a long time to be a mom and now I am really having to think who I am instead of just someone's mom. Not sure if I am ready for this new adventure. Hoping we can all catch up on life again soon. Lots of love. Pam


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