I’m Published!


This came in the mail yesterday!!  

Last January I submitted an essay the BYU Studies Essay Contest.  I’d actually started the article the year before, but never quite got it finished.  Then, I had a friend reach out to me saying, “I remember you working on an essay for the contest. I think you should finish it and submit it this year.”  So, I did (with some feedback from him).  Miraculously, I placed second!  

There is something a bit magical about seeing your name in print — as an author.  Wow!  I did not know it would feel so cool.  I’m still in awe.  It’s also interesting reading your own writing in print.  And though I resonated with the emotions of the narrative, there were some moments I thought, “Well, that’s a bit overly dramatic.”  But in all honesty the pain and the questions were so real!  My response to the reading also tells me just how far I’ve come in the last year.  There really is light at the end of the tunnel no matter how far you have to walk to find it. 

So here is a snippet.  But you can also read the whole thing at BYU Studies


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