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This is Me! 
Julia Hathaway

I believe in strengthening families by strengthening mothers first!  That is what this blog is all about.  

I am a Mother. Having majored in Marriage, Family and Human Development at Brigham Young University, I get to say I use my degree every day raising seven children ages 6-24. Fortunately, I get to share the parenting responsibility with my dear husband, J.

I am a Writer.  From an early age I wrote...and wrote...and wrote.  Writing has been a healing agent in my life through the thick and the thin.  That's why I keep this blog...for my own health and well-being.  Hopefully my writing will serve to uplift others as well.  Read a taste here. 

I am a Teacher.  I enjoy presenting thoughts and ideas that have helped to strengthen me and appreciate hearing the perspectives of others. I have spoken at women’s and youth retreats, BYU-Idaho Education Week and various local workshops and events. I have also taught  my children in the home, some full-time and others with the few hours that I have with them each day.

I am a Yogi.  Dealing with some semi-serious health challenges led me to yoga.  I have recently become certified as a yoga teacher and am the founder of Rest: Yoga and Mindfulness Center offering yoga classes, coaching and workshops. 

I am a Book-reader and Nature-lover.  I love the written word!  I find pure enjoyment in escaping through well-done stories created by others and am in awe of the creative world around me! 

I am a Friend, a Sister, a Daughter and a Disciple of Christ.  I find great purpose in building and strengthening the relationships in my life.  Though not perfect at all of them all the time, I do have the desire to be better in each area of my life.

This is my Family!

My husband of 20 years, J. Hathaway.  My rock!  This guy keeps me grounded when so much of me wants to live the ideal perfectly.  We currently live in Rexburg, Idaho where he teaches Data Science at BYU-Idaho.

My seven amazing, crazy, normal and eclectic kids:  John, Brooklynn, Addie, Joel, Ethan, David & Donovan.  


  1. I am really enjoying your blog. What a great looking family you have and your focus on strengthening families by strengthening mothers is spot on. Great job!


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