Key Action (in response to post on TJEdMUSE)

The timing for this post was perfect for me! Maybe it's the Jan/Feb slump we all feel, I don't know, but I have actually had the same nagging feeling. Yes, I am doing more than needed right now, but I am headed in the right direction (finishing up what I"ve already started while working on the place I want to be). When you posted . . .
She called me to say that after the couple of overwhelmed emails she had sent, she had figured out what was needed: She was supposed to start writing more. She had interpreted her malaise to having too full a plate, and was really surprised to find it all fitting together when she actually added something to her roster.
. . . I thought, "Exactly!" Writing more has been a though floating around in my head for the past two weeks. Writing was something I loved to do all growing up, in school and at home and even through college. Poems, books, music; I even loved essay exams! Then when the deadlines stopped and the kids started to come, I stopped writing. I mean, I still had my journal and I now have a blog and emails, etc., but I am finding the need to do so much more than that!

To go right along with all of this, I was listening to talk radio today where the caller was scared to go after her dreams. The host said a couple of things that struck me, "There is no price to pay when you wrap yourself around something you create!" and "You betrayed your passion." I wouldn't say I, personally, have betrayed my passion (my #1 passion being a wife and mother!), but I would say that the past few years I've forgotten to "wrap myself around" the things that I truly love, the things that make me sparkle inside, that "key action."

So, what is my key action? I would say I have a few. 1) Writing with a purpose 2) A good solid hour in the morning wrapped in my core book and 3) Teaching, serving and inspiring others (including my children). No, I have not been getting those actions done as well as I'd like, but I'm just about to start again.


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