I would label today a successful TJEd day in our home.

7:30am - up and studying the gospel (me at least)
8:00am - devotional and breakfast
9:00am - chores and a little bit of free time while I get the Group Learning stuff ready
10:00am - Group Learning Time:  we went to the park and had our own Olympics:  standing long jump, races, a relay race, arm wrestling, and track ball throwing.  Each child chose their favorite primary song as their "National Anthem" and so we sang the song of the winner in each category.  Then we came back home and did some mapwork.  We charted where each winter olympics took place.  My 10yo took off and added some of the summer dates all on his own afterwards. 
11:30am - More free time before lunch, played games with the boys
12:00noon - Lunch
12:30-3:00pm - Individual Learning Time:  we did some math and spelling, the girls played in the treehouse (platform nailed in our tree) all afternoon because my 7yo figured out how to climb up to it, finally!  I pretty much did all the busy work I needed to get done on the computer, telephone, etc. 
3:00pm - Free play time until 4:30, then clean up & help with dinner
6:00 scouts, basketball practice, read stories with the younger boys while girls bathe and then read to the girls when they were done
8:30pm - all kids in bed, 10yo gets home from basketball and we have a little one-on-one discussion about the phases of learning and how he is an "agent unto himself."  I'm still feeling I squelched his love of learning, but maybe he's just a laid back kid and wants to play games all day.  ????   I asked him tonight what he really wanted to learn and he said, "You always ask me that, and I don't know."  Time to get some sparks going. 

9:30pm - time with husband - I broke down and watched a recorded episode of American Idol.  I told myself I wouldn't, knowing I can seriously get addicted.  It was fine, but I wouldn't say I'm hooked . . . yet. :-)

And finally, at 11:00pm I am rolling into bed.


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