Family Education Moment: Mythology Party

Every once in awhile (sometimes a LONG while) we do something fun at our house and it usually involves the word "Party" (our family theme song:  Crazy Frog's "We Like to Party").  Ever since my son read the Percy Jackson series, he has been begging for a Mythology Party.  It finally happened yesterday.


* Drape white sheets, blankets and tablecloths all over your living room to represent Mount Olympus

* Talk about how mythology is used by many companies in naming their products:  Nike, Ajax, Midas, Saturn & Mercury cars, etc.   (I had saved a project from 7th grade on this, quite fascinating).

* Prepare a "Training of the Gods" obstacle course.  Of course, the kids are going to want to time this to see who is the fastest, so be prepared for some competition.

* Marshmallows - "The Fruit of the Gods" (??) - Using the BIG ones, have a marshmallow toss.  Put the kids in pairs to toss marshmallows into each other's mouths.  Expect this to turn into the "War of the Titans"!

* Finally - Decorate "Constellation Cupcakes" - frost the cupcakes and then decorate with mini-chocolate chips (stars). 

Maybe not a whole lot of education in there, but a whole lot of fun to INSPIRE the kids to learn more, right?! 

P.S. I need more pictures on this blog, I've decided. BUT I keep forgetting to take them. So, for now it's just words and more words! Patience.


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