Tribute to a Friend

Recently, a dear Young Women leader and friend of mine will be leaving us soon as she painfully fights cancer. This is a poem I wrote in tribute of her. I wish all the best for her wonderful family!

A Tribute to a Friend
It doesn't seem quite right
Sending notes at the end,
When a whole lifetime of joys
Were filled by a friend.
Giving to sorrow is
Not the best way to go,
So let's celebrate the smiles,
The good things we know.
Your lessons were flower'd
With Spiritual gems.
I loved your stories and paintings
From which all good stems.
Your home was a picture
Of serenity and love;
There I knew were angels
Looking down from above.
Your genuine care for
And concern for the one
Was always apparent
Despite what may come.
And to add a little humor
I must add this . . .
It was fun plotting with you
For my first love's kiss!
But deepest, and truest
Of my feelings for you,
Are those that have strengthened
My testimony, too.
Of a Savior who is loving,
Giving and kind.
A Redeemer who has
All of His Children in mind
When he says, "All Who Labour
Come Unto Me."
I know that you will,
And your loved ones will see.


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