More Projects

There was a project fair at the school JW attends, and so I got my kids at home to participate as well!  We were studying deserts already, so we decided to make a large paper mache glob and then label the major deserts around the world. 

First get a large punching balloon and rip up lots of newspaper in strips.

Make a flour paste - - 1 part water to 1 part flour.

Dip newspaper strips in the paste and cover the balloon...this might take two coats of newspaper strips, depending on how well you want it to be covered. 

We also made a poster of all we learned about deserts.  Each child took a part:  animals, types of percipitation and food chains of the desert.  I added some other facts about deserts. We used watered down elmers glue and a paint brush to hold the sand on at the bottom.
I think it turned out quite well!  :-) 

JW's project was on lightening.  He created this board and also had an experiment using a balloon, wool and a screw to show static electricity.  It was inside a box so you could see the spark.  It was great fun!


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