Family Night Fun

Each week we have what is called Family Home Evening (aka family night) during which we have a little gospel lesson or discussion and then usually play a game, have a treat and just be a family. We all keep that one day of the week free from any other calendar events (as much as possible). Here are just a couple of our more recent family night activities.

The last couple of times after General Conference our family night the Monday after has been "Conference Jeopardy."  This year we had topics such as "Follow the Prophet" (things our prophet said),  Music, Temples, Numbers (i.e. how many missionaries are currently serving throughout the world), and Words of the Apostles.  This is becoming one of our favorite FHE activities.  Next time I think I'm going to have the kids come up with some questions/answers. 

This was JL's lesson this past week.  It took him and B 3 hours to prepare.  Why?  Because they kept changing the scripture story they wanted to share.  It went from Samuel the Lamanite to Ammon cutting off the arms of the sheep robbers to the story of Abinidi.  Either way, I thought the figures JL drew were quite impressive and he really did work hard! 

 * * * * *

On another note:  my husband and I have been discussing how to manage Family Night with the age differences of our children.  The older kids are ready for a much more relaxed gospel discussion-like setting whereas the younger kids still need a little bit of that "entertainment" value that the older kids have had up until now.   I suggested we have a Sunday night discussion with our older kids and then have a quick family night on Mondays geared more toward the little kiddies.  Then I just discovered that a great friend of mine does this with her family and that they love it! 

Another suggestion I had from my sister was that they just have the one family night but her husband will just come up with a topic and each child has to share what they know about that topic.  The little & the big kids can all participate this way going from the very basic to more in depth discussion. 

What do any of you do for famiy home evenings if there's a wide age span?


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