Project Time!!!

Call it Spring!  Call it nesting!  Call it whatever you want but I have suddenly acquired a great amount of energy and desire to just DO things!  Projects that have been waiting for months to be completed are finally getting done and it feels great!!

It all started with me finally painting the master bathroom.  It looks so beautiful!  I feel so peaceful now when I wake up and see the light blue walls. 

Then, last weekend I finally tackled the garage (with lots of help from my family).  We organized stuff.  We threw stuff away.  We donated stuff.  It was quite a feat since the last few months the garage has become our dumping ground!! 

This past weekend I cleaned out the laundry/craft/sewing room.  We moved the sewing stuff into the guest room so that now I have clean "study space" in the laundry room.  I'm excited to have that space back!  I even got rid of some things I've been hanging on to "just in case."  Don't you hate those items??  Anyway, it's been nice. 

Our next (and final project before baby I think) is the moving of the boys' room!  We are getting rid of our large playroom downstairs.  I figure it's usually a big mess anyway, so why keep it as a playroom?  We'll move the two older boys down there.  Before we can move them down though, we need to decide what to do with the toys.  We don't have all that much:  legos, Little People, costumes, and playhouse stuff (some food and dolls) is the bulk of it.  But I don't think the boys want all the kids playing in their room all of the time. :-)  So, we're going to be spending a little bit of time building a bookshelves/cubby area in our family room for those items.  I'm so excited to get this done . . . and hopefully well before the baby decides to arrive.

I have to tell you, this pregnancy has seemed so easy.  I'm starting to get uncomfortable, true.  And I'm noticing I can't get things done quite as quickly as I used to.  But that's not really much to complain about.  With the others I had horrible back problems and was much more irritable.  Maybe it's because I have older children.  Maybe it's because I know when to take breaks more than I did before.  Maybe it's because my body had some rest between the last child and now.  Or maybe the Lord just knew I needed to have some added strength to meet the needs of my family and my callings right now.  All I know is that I do feel great and I'm so grateful! 

7 more weeks!!!!  (or less)


  1. Those projects sound SO fun! Good job and good luck! I'm glad you are feeling well. That corner of your family room would be great for toys too and I'm sure the boys will enjoy a big room. =)


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