My Boy, John!

I know.  I need to face the truth someday.


And, it's time to hold on for dear life because today I am now the PROUD new mother of a TEENAGER.

My mom loved the teenage years of her children.  And, frankly, I don't think they were so bad either. However, since then I have heard the horror stories, seen the looks of sympathy, and cringed at the comments concerning "those detestable years."

Still, I am choosing to side with my mother on this one.  This year as I've watched my son turn into a young man I've realized that I love it!  We've had some social gatherings here at our place in the past few months and I just love listening to the youth enjoying themselves joking, eating and yes...even flirting.  :-)  I have enjoyed watching my son come out of his shell to, heaven forbid, talk to girls.  I really am looking forward to these next (and last) few years as my boy continues to mature and grow.

As for this son of mine...I couldn't have asked for a better first child.  He is obedient and truly desires to choose the right.  He jokes and takes care of his younger siblings, paving the way for them to follow.  He is full of a happiness that lights up the room when he enters.  Today I thought back again to thirteen years ago when I welcomed him two months earlier than expected and marveled in the fact that he truly is a miracle in my life.

Oh, and yes, just yesterday I accepted the fact that....

He is now taller than me!!!

So, Happy Birthday, John.  It's going to be a fun ride!


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