Top Ten Christmas Movie List

This list inspired to me to make my own (and to watch new ones).  

Our Family Favorites 
(in no particular order)

 1. Home Alone.  It's usually the first one we watch.

2. White Christmas.  No explanation needed.

3. Family Man.  This is one my hubby and I watch alone every year.  It's a great reminder of the importance we do day in an day out as Mom & Dad, Husband & Wife.

4. Elf.  Makes me laugh!

5. Miracle on 34th Street.  Makes me cry.

6. Santa Clause. Tim Allen is one of my favorites.

7. Santa Clause 2.  This was great.  #3, not so great.

8. The Polar Express.  This was the book my mom read every Christmas Eve growing up.  So, when the movie came out I was a bit anxious and ready to be disappointed.  Though not the book, I do think it is a very moving story and the producers did a great job.

9. Holiday Inn.  This is more my favorite than the kids'...but it's still a great movie!

10.  Arthur Christmas.  We just watched this one over Thanksgiving and I instantly needed to add it to my favorites list.  I loved it!


  1. How is "A Christmas Story" not on this list? It's the all-time Christmas movie!!


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