Agh! 14 Years!!

My son is 14 today! 

This son of mine is rock solid.  I could count only a handful of tantrums from this kid.  Even his teenage mood swings are so short-lived I could hardly even acknowledge them as such.
John has always idolized his dad!
From the time of a little boy JW was very conscientious of doing the right thing and being obedient.  Sure, he's still an older brother who likes to show his love through teasing and occasional "love taps," but overall he strives to protect, teach and love his younger siblings.  There's a reason he's the oldest.

Bright, gifted with music, and kind-hearted this kid is a complete joy to be around.  And he's going to make some wife pretty happy someday.   When I'm making dinner he'll come up and say, "Can I do that?" He completely takes over in the kitchen.  And this year he took on his more crowded schedule with ease!



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