Best Ever!

Who would have thought I'd say I felt the spirit while listening to "What Does the Fox Say?"  Seriously!

Last night our gift of service was to attend the Buddy Club talent show.  The Buddy Club is a club at school for friendshipping those with mental and/or physical handicaps.   My sweet daughter B has joined this club and continually inspires me with her empathy for those who are so challenged.  When she told me about the talent show coming up I quickly added it to our gift list.

That very well could be the very best activity we do all season.  The sweetness of these wonderfully special children was just joyful to watch.  The two boys who performed the Fox song were hilarious, so innocent and unabashed.  No shame!  Others got up to sing solos.  One young man performed a dance where he just moved his fingers and turned around once in awhile.  There was an amazing clogger in the group and a natural comedian with amazing voices impersonations.  

That night, watching those children, helped me to more completely embrace the Christmas spirit.  

"It is our opportunity and our responsibility to follow the example of Jesus in loving our neighbors, and that includes those with disabilities." - - First Presidency Message on Disabilities - - 


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