Dancing through Life

Wisdom is not reserved for the elderly, though they have plenty of it! 

We recently had two beautiful dancers from Brigham Young University stay at our home for a couple of nights while on tour.  I loved the spirit that they brought into our home.  I love exposing my children to their greatness.  Though they are young, I learned some important lessons form them.

Just Keep Dancing

When asked by a 12-year old girl what she needed to do so she could be in a group like this, one of our gals said, "Just keep dancing."

Life is like that, too, right?  Whether we want to be a professional ballerina, a doctor, a mom, a baker this is great advice!  Just keep dancing.  Just keep doing what you love.  Just keep reaching for that goal.  Maybe the Lord will have a different plan in the end, but it doesn't matter.  Either way you'll be doing great things and finding joy in this journey.

It Happened

While playing a game around our kitchen table, my husband kind of scoffed at one of the answers given by our guest.  This young gal, not even flustered, smiled and said, "Hey, it happened."

I took this to mean, "So what. Right or wrong, I made a guess, it happened."  Sometimes we get so stuck on our poor choices and wish we could redo them.  We will relive them over and over again, thinking of what we could have said, done or written.  Not this girl! She made a choice, wrote down an answer and waited for the outcome.  I could definitely be more like this in my life.

It's Totally Worth It

While waiting for the crew to take down the set so we could take our guests home we noticed something interesting.  Several of the dancers had ice packs wrapped around their ribs, their ankles, their legs, wherever an ice pack could be wrapped.

Visiting with our girls, we asked about the pain they had to go through and learned they practice 24+ hours a week getting ready for the show!  We talked about the pain, exhaustion, and some frustration in the process.  Then one of our gals piped up, "But it's totally worth it!!"  There was utter joy and honesty in her face.  It was beautiful to see.

You can guess where this is going.  LIFE can be painful, exhausting and sometimes frustrating.  But it is totally worth it!  We may not all have a stage on which to perform (and definitely no standing ovation) after the hard work we do, but there are simple joys we can look for that show us it truly is worth it!  A sunset, a phone call, a kiss from our sticky-faced child, a hug, a clean kitchen floor, a book read or a message sent.

Life is definitely worth the reward at the end if we but look forward, just keep dancing and enjoy the ride!

Thank you, Brooke & Riley!


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