Favorite Family Board Games

One of our favorite family things is to play board games together. Through the years I've stocked up on quite a few games...a whole closet-full actually. I also believe that playing board games is one of the best ways to learn.  Here are a few of our favorites:

The only trivia game my husband will play!  Answer in numbers and then place your bet.  Ages 7+ (though you can even let your little ones play)

Spell words in different categories and be the first team to get seven tiles on your side of the street. We call this one Road Rage, it can get pretty intense!  Ages 10+

This is our newest favorite.  Collect cards to earn points, building up your wonder.  Ages 7+

This is a great geography game.Use the tiles to plan your trip across Africa.  First one to complete their 10 Days wins!  Also comes in other versions: USA, Asia, Europe and South America.  Ages 6+  

Roll the dice. Add, subtract, multiply or divide, trying to get as many of your marbles in a row as you can.  This one is a favorite I play with the younger boys but it's fun for the whole family.  Ages 7+

Use tiles to build cities and farms.  Try earning the most points for biggest cities, most farmers and longest roads.  Ages 7+

Classic "better than tic-tac-toe" kind of a game.  Try to get four of your color in a row.  Be careful, though, your opponent may cover your pieces up with their own!  Ages 6+

Earn the most points by collecting resources to build roads, settlements and cities. Ages 7+


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