Start with Hello

I LOVE this campaign our local school district is doing right now.


It seems so simple, yet so foreign to many people.  There are days I'll run to the story and not look up or talk to even one person.  We are all in a rush to get things done or looking at our devices, we fail to recognize the people who are around us..  Starting with hello is such a beautiful way to start conversations, notice others and be a friend.

This reminds me of something my mother taught me when I was running for school secretary in middle school.  She said, "When you smile at someone, just keep smiling.  Then the next person you see will smile back.  It's like a chain reaction."   Though I didn't win that election, I still remember that sage advice those many years ago (and try to follow it).

Currently, on you can find this beautiful article entitled, "What my Kids Taught me about Loving Anybody."  I love the first story where the author is asked if her 2-year-old knows the cashier he's waving to.  Her response was, "No...He waves to everyone."  Why do we grow out of that - - that unabashed, "Be my friend" kind of attitude and confidence?

Both the school campaign and this article have inspired me to reach out just a little bit more, be aware of those around me when I'm out running errands, and to look for those who may need a little lift each day.  That's my Monday morning message.  :-)



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