Youth Magazines of the Church

Have you seen the new format for the youth magazines of the Church?  The New Era and The Friend have some really cool features now.  I know, it's well into the new year...but I just looked through the January and February editions and was so amazed at what the magazine editors have done.

The Friend
At the back of The Friend there is now a section called The Friend Junior!  What a brilliant idea.

In the middle of the magazine there is a scripture section which has a challenge card encouraging the children to be like one of the prophets from the Book of Mormon.  There's also a scripture reading activity where you read the verses to color a picture.  Then, right in the center is an easy pull-out poster for an even deeper challenge.

The New Era
This magazine also has a pull-out poster in the center.  This is very similar to the poster in The Friend, but obviously geared more toward the teens in the Church.

I am just amazed at how interactive these magazines have become.  This makes it so much easier to incorporate them into our family life.  For the little boys I've copied and cut out the Book of Mormon prophet cards and laminated them.  On you can find full-size pictures of the prophet.  I have laminated those as well.  My goal is to post the picture in the kitchen to remind the boys which prophet and principle we are focusing on each month.  I haven't quite figured out how we're going to include The New Era poster into the lives of my teens.  I need to try to ponder on that one some more.

I have to admit, this last year or so I've pondered whether or not to even order the Church magazines anymore.  "It's all online," I would tell myself.  But I just still couldn't let go of having that visual reminder coming in the mail every month.  I'm so glad I didn't listen to that inner voice because these are totally worth having around!


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