My Yoga Journey

 I have been thinking of doing this for ages and now I’m right in the thick of it! 

I am enrolled in a Yoga Teacher Training (YTT) course online and I am loving it!  Right now I am working on my 200 hour certification and plan on moving forward to my 300 hour when I finish.  We are in the process of renovating a room in our house to use as a (very tiny) studio (EEK!).  I am in love with this path! 

Maybe not interesting to anyone but myself, I feel the desire to write my yoga story. 

Since pregnant with my second baby (20 years ago!), I’ve had some back pain. Nothing major, at first, just some aches and stiffness.  But I kind of chalked it up to, “Everyone has back pain” and kept on with my life. 

Fast forward several years.  A dear friend of mine introduced me to a “real” yoga studio.  I had dabbled in yoga through the local recreation center, but this was different.  The mood was set, the expectations were clear, the stretching felt oh so good.  However, at that time I couldn’t justify spending the money on a studio experience.  So, I told my friend, “Thanks for the invite.”  And that was that. 

Probably a year or so later, catastrophe struck.  The morning after speaking at a church event in March of 2013, I kneeled to say my morning prayers.  When I moved to stand up, I pain shot through my back.  I quickly laid down on the floor, hoping the kink would go away quickly.  Each time I tried to stand or move, the same sharp pain would shoot up my back.  I could not stand!   J had already left for work.  My kids were sleeping.  I couldn’t really call for help.  

I tried inching myself to the doorway of the room I was in.  Very slowly, I moved nice by inch. Finally, I decided to call for help.  I don’t fully remember all the details from there.  I’m pretty sure my daughter was the first to find me.  I think we tried to get me off the floor a few times, but to no avail.  I had not choice at that point but to have the kids call J and tell him he needed to come home.  

When J arrived, he found me still laying on the floor, tears flowing freely.  I could not move!  I told him that I thought if he helped me stand, I would be okay.  I was wrong!  The instant he got me into a vertical position, pain shot through my whole entire body. The only option was to call 9-1-1.  An ambulance came.  The medics strapped me to a board.  I refused any pain medication because I wanted to be able to tell the doctors what was happening, what I was feeling.  Once I was able to describe my pain, the jabbed me with some morphine and I was able to relax. 

Things get pretty anticlimactic here.  After hours of tests, x-rays, (an MRI?) — the doctor had no answer for me (that I can remember).  I was sent home and told to basically be on bed rest for 10-14 days. 

 I’m not a big medicine person and, as I said, there was really nothing wrong with me, so yoga seemed to be the best option. This time I committed to bringing my body back to health.  After three months of weekly yoga and less sugar I could feel the positive effects.  Even J was astonished, “It’s like you’re back to your old self!”  From that day on, I was sold on yoga!  

As the year continued I wanted more and more of it! The cost of it seemed much more viable (and necessary) at that point. The studio I had attended with my friend had grown and moved a couple of times.  It was a beautiful environment and a great community.  I found myself feeling so strong — emotionally, physically, emotionally!  

And then we moved. I lost my yoga community in the transition.  And though I tried to keep what I had learned, years passed and I slowly got out of practice. 

Now here we are , 2022, and I felt ready to begin the yoga teaching journey for myself.  I had looked into online programs in the past, just toying with the idea.  But again, wondered how to justify the cost.  During COVID I revisited my thoughts and looked into it again; but still, the timing was not right. I wasn’t really ready.  Then I stumbled upon a great online program that was much more affordable and I bit the bullet!  

I’m not sure where this will lead.  I have many ideas and a vision in my mind. But all I know right now is that I am enjoying all that I’m learning and how getting back into this practice has strengthened me yet again.  I’m nowhere near where I was physically when I moved here, but I know it will come.  

So that is my story. I believe Yoga is a healing art.  I believe that a yogic life can bring peace and strength, confidence and self-compassion. I believe that Yoga isn’t simply and exercise method, I believe it is a lifestyle.  


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