Christmas Stories

I know!  My posts have been few and far between.  I keep trying to write something intelligible, but then I stop.  Tonight I'm going to finish!  :-) 

Christmas for me is all about traditions!  I gave up a LONG time ago trying to do everything every year.  I think that was about the time I had 3 kids ages 3 & under and decided to make like 5 different kinds of cookies for everyone I knew.  I ended up spilling some of the cookies all over the inside of the oven!  My husband came home with the kids (and kitchen) covered in flour and his wife in tears.  That was when he put the ban on neighborhood Christmas cookie deliveries!  Since then I've (hopefully) tried to center our family on at least a few important traditions to help Christmastime be magical for them.  Mostly that entails Christmas stories and holiday movies.  

Here are some of our MUST reads each year.

A story of how love & sharing goes all the way around!

I LOVE Norman Rockwell, so when I saw this book I knew I needed it! 

This one is a MUST at our house.  This was the book my mom read to us every single year on Christmas Eve. 

We read this one each year and then share our own chocolate orange. 

And we always take a break from Christmas on December 23rd to commemorate the birthday of Jospeh Smith by reading this lovely children's book.

I saved the best for last!  Our overall favorite, the one I read every Christmas Eve! 


  1. Thanks for all of the great ideas! Maybe I'll give up the cookie giving all together... Hmm... I can show my neighbors that I love them in other ways right?


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