One Last Tradition

I've been completely inspired by my cousin in how we do sibling gifts at our house.  We tried this the last couple of years, but would simply draw names and each make one gift for that one person.  Well, this year I wanted to have the kids make something for each of their siblings.  AND surprisingly I found it much easier than doing just one gift per person.  Mass production??  Here is the list of things we made this year:

Addie covered sketchbooks with pictures, stickers and stamps.  We then modge podged them hoping they will last longer. 

Brooklynn made rainbow crayons.  This was trickier than I expected, but they still turned out cute.

John decided to tie dye shirts.  I learned I am not a patient crafter.  This one took longer and was much messier than I expected!  I don't think I'll be tie dying again any time soon!  :-)  I don't think we followed the instructions correctly or something....but the shirts turned out well enough.  John was happy with the results.

Joel decorated mittens with puff paint.  Loved it!

Ethan, recognizing that everyone else was making something with mom started to protest, "I want to make something for my brudders!!!"  So, I got out the water color paint, printed off some pictures and let him at it!  Yes, they are wrapped under the tree as well  (even though he told all the kids what he made them!).  :-)

This was my favorite thing to work on this week!  I loved watching the kids thinking of one another.  I loved the comments, "Oh!  I think so&so would love that"  or "She's going to love this!"   And then to watch Ethan want to follow in the spirit of giving, love it! 

So, now all the presents are wrapped & under the tree.  We're going to start making sugar cookies for Santa and then get our lovely dinner ready for tonight.  Then it's time for opening the first gifts of Christmas and the anticipation of tomorrow morning!

Merry Christmas!!


  1. Very nice. Sounds like a fun tradition!
    Have a Merry Christmas!!!


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