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Dear Friends,
Have I told you how much I hate doing laundry?  Well, if not, I will now.  I hate doing laundry! 

Maybe it's my distaste for having things unfinished or needing to be done ALL THE TIME.  Bathrooms and other weekly tasks don't bother me so much because they're at least finished for one day.  But laundry is a whole different story! 

Maybe my dislike has excalated because I'm tired and pregnant.  Maybe it's more evident because we use thicker and more clothing in the wintertime, so it feels like there's more of it.  Maybe it's just that I will forever have a bad attitude about laundry  (you can't really like everything about homemaking can you??)

It was getting better when I had the two older kids doing their own laundry.  But then JW decided to go to school and threw that plan out the window (curse that public school once again!).  It used to take me only one, maybe two days to get it done.  I don't know where those days have gone.  And doing a load or two a day really doesn't work for me because I forget and then leave wet laundry in the washer for a day or two.

And along the same lines (since I'm on a roll) I hate mismatched socks.  And again, with wintertime it seems like they are everywhere

Okay, I'm done griping and will now go get some sleep.  :-)  You can all tell me your wonderful, beautiful and perfect plans for keeping your laundry down and I will graciously accept (even though I know I have tried them all!!).  Actually, will you please just give me sympathy and tell me I'm a great mom even though I don't like washing the clothes!!!!



  1. I have to do laundry a few times a week with 3-4 loads each time with my family. I think if I had as many people as your family does, I would set it up to do all little boy laundry one day, all little girl laundry another, and bedding/towels on a different day. Get the kids to sort out their own stuff (which isn't as hard when they only have to go through the boy stuff or girl stuff) and make them put it away. I guess maybe you'd have to help E along for a while, but I'm sure he can grab a pile of shirts and take them to his drawer. Mismatched socks are no fun. Just let them sort those out too. Well, maybe. Good luck. Soon enough you'll have even more laundry with the baby. =) B and A can take care of it all by then, right?

  2. Oh, and OF COURSE I THINK YOU ARE THE BEST MOM EVVVER! We need to hang out again....game night sometime? Hmmm....we'll have to see how that will fit into our busy lives.


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