A Fly on the Wall

I'm sure we've all gotten those sweet thank you notes in the mail showing gratitude for whatever kind act of service we rendered or simply just to tell us an attribute for which another is thankful.  Recently I got such a note wherein this sweet friend mentioned to me some things she admired in me and I thought, "Really?"  :-)

I was just reflecting on that note this morning and another thought I'd heard a few months ago.  Remember I was sad about saying good-bye to the previous General Relief Society president of our church?  Well, I listend to a talk given by the current Relief Society Presdidency and instantly fell in love! 

A couple of the sisters reflected on times when they asked, "Am I living the way people see me?"  One of the sisters shared a story of leaving one room in her home to another and saw her face in the mirror.  She had just left the company of her children and the face looking back in the mirror was not pleasant.  She thought, "Is that how I look to them?"

The other story was how a friend had said, "I'd love to be a fly on the wall in your home,"  leading this sister to wonder if the friend would see what she thought she'd see. 

I have taken these stories to heart and have asked myself several times since, "Am I living the way people see me....Inside?"  Inside my home.  Inside msyelf.  Inside my heart. 

Marjorie Pay Hinckley once said, "How we act in our homes shows the true story of who we are." 

I still remember the comment of my then 8 year old son, "Mom, why is it when you get on the phone you sound all nice but then when you get off the phone you don't.?"  I laugh about that now, but at the time it hurt.

Are we living the way other people see us? 
It's a good question.


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