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 Just for those interested, here's my boring list of school plans for the year.  :-) Enjoy (or ignore).
Math:  Each child has their own curriculum where math is concerned.  Saxon, Teaching Textbooks (maybe?), Life of Fred, and Evan-Moor Every Day math will all be used this year. 

Literature:  Each of the kids are in a book group of some sort or another, so those books will be the main structure of our literature this year.  As always I will have different read aloud books I usually incorporate with whatever we're studying in history OR whatever quirky holidays I want to celebrate this year. 

Writing/Grammar:  My older kid will be working through "Got Grammar?"  While the others will be working on Daily Oral Language.  We also will be using A Beginning, A Muddle and An End by Avi as our beginning writing unit.  If you haven't read this book yet, it's so great!  I love it for introducing writing.  Actually, we just started our writing unit last week and the kids have been excited to write! When we're done with that I'll switch over to IEW again.  My real goal for this year is to simply help the kids be more consistent with journal writing every day. 
Science:  So excited for science this year.  Real Science-4-Kids is the best curriculum I have found where science is concerned.  We will be studying biology this year simply because I want to dissect cool things with my kids.  Once a month we'll get together with another family and do that...frogs, brains, eyes, worms, hearts, squid, snakes and turtles will be on the chopping block.  :-)  I'll take pictures and keep you updated!

History:  Again, excited for this subject as well.  This year we will be going through history by studying our own family history.  I'm planning on starting with the kids' era and then move backwards through time and see how far we get.  With each generation we will study current events, books they read and loved, listen to music they would have listened to and more.  Hopefully this will bring history more to life for my kids.


  1. That looks great! You know I've been looking into Real Science. I just keep hesitating. You need to tell me what you love about it. Do you have physical books or is it all online? I prefer physical books if we're studying it as a family.


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