Happiness Happens Month

"If you want to be happy most of the time, you have to figure out how to do it despite the chaos, unhappiness and annoyances. Those things are going to happen to most of us every single day. We all have to interact with the drama and annoyances of other people. We all experience uncontrollable events. And we all deal with the consequences of our own decisions, some happy and some not-so-happy."
 -  - Pamela Gail Johnson, Founder of The Secret Society of Happy People

Happy Happiness Happens Month! 

The website link above is awesome!  If you want to feel happy today, or this week, go to that site.  There are some really fun ideas and activities.  For example:

Ways to be happy:
Encourage others to talk about what makes them happy.
Get enough sleep.
Distinguish the difference between annoyances and problems.
Recognize your happy moments.

  • Make a Happy Treasure Chest: A box full of the things that bring smiles to your face. Get a box–make it uniquely happy. The crafty may want to decorate one and the crafty-challenged may choose to buy one. Then fill it with favorite photos; precious cards and letters; momentous and artifacts–movie tickets, playbills, jokes, happy quotes, cartoons, music, candles, videos, and the like.When you’re in need of a Happy Booster then look inside your Happy Treasure Chest and you’ll find plenty of smiles. It’s a great activity to do with others. Have a Happy Treasure Chest Party. You can even make one for someone who needs a happy pick-me-up! (Tip from Teri Sarin)

  • Have a Happy Expression Art Show.  Each person (friend or family member) through some form of art: drawings, painting, songs, writing, and on and on can express what makes them happy.  End with having a show and tell party.  (Tip from Kimla Cotropia, Ph.D)

  • And there's so much more on the site! 
    I'm excited to do something that makes each child happy every day this week. 
    And I'm itching to take the my "Happiness Inventory."

    So, as school starts and a more rigorous schedule arrives, choose to S.M.I.L.E. and to be happy this week! 


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