Of Mice and Rats

I am reading The Tale of Despereaux for the third or fourth time right now, only this time with just my six-year-old.  Every time I read it I remember just why I LOVE this book.  This very well could be my very favorite children's book.

So, in light of that reading, we are working on a Mouse & Rats unit.  Here are some things we have in store:


Compare the Differences between Rats and Mice.  This website is really cool!  It has a "compare anything" feature where you can type in any two objects, sports teams, animals, cars, etc.  I can see my kids having lots of fun with this website!

Moustrap computer game.  This one had me addicted!
Mouse Math Challenge.  This one is NOT for younger kids, but a great challenge for older kids and adults.

Language Arts
Love these books!

Since we got some -at books from the library and will do some rhyming activities.

There's also this Sesame Street Rhyming Game

We will also work on plural nouns (i.e. Mouse becomes Mice, etc.).


This series "A Guide for Children" is my FAVORITE when dealing with nonfiction for kids.  They're written in easy reader format, so not only can young readers read on their own but the concepts are clear and concise for easy explanations.

Tale of Despereaux has a lot to do with light verses dark.  I found some cool science experiments with light I think E will like:
Light Up Lifesavers
Light and Dark - Sources & Reflections

Mice and Rats are mammals.  Watch this video about mammals with your kids.

There's also this Discovery Channel Documentary on Mammals.

Dissect a rat!  Okay, we did this last year (I wish I had a picture!), and it was so awesome!  We won't be repeating it for this unit, but we can at least refer back to that time.


Make Thumbprint mice.  Make one with your pinky to signify Despereaux's size compared to the other mice.

Chiaroscoro Art - A style of art that depicts light and dark.


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