Sunday Snow Day

We had a snow day from church last weekend.  I know, I know...those of you in areas where snow is nothing new must be a bit shocked what  a few inches of snow will do to us Eastern Washington dwellers. As much as I was pretty shocked myself, the day turned out to be quite lovely and rejuvenating.

We actually started with our own family church meeting.  JW gave the talk he had prepared to give in sacrament meeting.  I had prepared a sharing time on the Creation for primary, so I used the family instead.

Primary Creation Sharing Time
I would read the verses applicable from Moses 2 and then we'd sing a Primary song.

Day 1: Light and Darkness, Song: Teach Me to Walk in the Light
Day 2: Heavens in the Firmament, Song: I lived in Heaven
Day 3: Earth and Waters, Song: Give Said the Little Stream
Day 4: Sun, Moon and Stars, Song: I Am Like a Star
Day 5: Animals, Song: All Things Bright and Beautiful
Day 6: People, Song: Because God Loves Me

As much as I missed going to church, I have to say we had such an enjoyable time as a family.


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