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Look at them!  They're all so little!!  

When I announced we wouldn't be homeschooling this year, A piped up, "Can we still have a read aloud book?"  Unfortunately, it's been a bit rough finding moments when all kids are home and available at the same time.  Until now...

Winter (and no after school sports) has allowed us the time to sit and read as a family.  Last week we had one of those moments I live for.  We were finishing the first of the Shadow Children series when I unexpectedly began to cry (I won't share why unless you haven't read the series yet).  As we continued through the last few chapters both girls started to cry along with me.  I'm sure the boys were giving each other eye-rolling looks and whatnot, because once we finished they all just started making fun of us.  But I loved it!  We had a moment, created a memory.  That only happened once before with Where the Red Fern Grows.

I love reading with my kids.  It warms my heart when the kids beg to let them stay up a little later just so we can rad together.  I have learned, however, that some books are just not meant to be read aloud.  Read alouds are best when they have short chapters, for instance.  Then you can just read a chapter real quick in any given moment.

Secondly, the reader has to like it.  :-)  If I don't like the book, I'm sure the kids aren't liking the book.  The enthusiasm for a story has to first come from the reader.

Third, consider reading levels.  I like to read books my kids wouldn't choose to pick up on their own.  Sometimes, this means choosing books that are above their reading level.  But if you have to stop every few minutes to describe what's going on, that will detract from the enjoyment of the story.

Fourth, I've almost never been disappointed with a true classic. Classics are the books you could read more than once and enjoy it the same (or even more!) each time you pick it up.


Here's a List of books we've read through the years:
All Around Family Downtown
Where the Red Fern Grows
Five Little Peppers and how they Grew
Tale of Despereaux
Among the Hidden (Shadow Children series)
Five Children and It
Mr. Poppers Penguins
Thimble Summer
Gone Away Lake
The Great Wheel
The Penderwicks 
Mushroom Planet (boys)
Indian in the Cupboard (boys)
A Chirstmas Carol (this one took two Christmases)
The Family Under the Bridge

Audiobooks we've listened to:
City of Ember series
The Twits


  1. Great books! I love when kids love reading and stories. Elizabeth recently started Harry Potter and is already halfway through the fourth book. She's read the Fablehaven series twice and just loves those kinds of books. My husband reads The Hobbit to all of them when they are small.


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