Weakness is not Sin


I loved this book.  I have to tell you I pretty much cried through the whole first chapter because it so resonated with me.  I think this book would resonate with a lot of people, especially women maybe. This book just enlightened me on how to differentiate between a sin and a weakness AND how to deal with both.  We think we need to repent from our weaknesses, but that doesn't really make sense (now that I've read the book).  Improving to become better is different than the need to repent.  I just enjoyed the whole basis of this book and plan on reading it (a lot slower!) again. 


"Sin can take us to hell.  Weakness can take us to heaven....Sin is a choice. Weakness is a state....While we often think of strength as having to do with our abilities and talents, the strength that interests God has to do with our character..." 
- - Wendy Ulrich, Weakness is not Sin


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