Act Happy Week

If you chance to meet a frown
Do not let it stay!
Quickly turn it upside down
And smile that frown away.

Recently I attended a conference where the speaker said, "Don't hate me because I'm happy."
I loved that!

As mothers it's sometimes all too easy to get together and talk only about the things we are struggling with in regards to our children (me being #1 culprit). My husband laughs at me, actually, saying that I'm always trying to fix something. It almost feels weird when everything is going well and it doesn't seem right to just be happy. Maybe it's because we believe there is opposition in all things and so if we aren't experiencing opposition, we must not really be happy. ?? Maybe it's because if we're happy it will make the other mothers feel bad when they're not. Whatever the reason, this week we have an excuse to Act Happy!
No one likes a frowny face,
Change it for a smile.
Make the world a better place
By smiling all the while!

What our Family is Doing to Celebrate Act Happy Week
I went to the store and purchased happy face stickers. Any time a child (or parent) is caught "Acting Happy" they will get a sticker. We'll try to see who can collect the most stickers by the end of the week.


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