Book of the Week

The perfect organization book!  Short and sweet tips for each part of your house, every nook and cranny.  I didn't want a book detailing the whys and hows nor the science behind why we are cluttered and how to fix it!  I love this book. 

For National Cleaning Week I've decided to finally tackle my paper clutter.  I'm a note taker and article whorder. I think I've come up with a new system for future note taking and whatnot, but now it's just going through what I've already got and convincing myself I don't need all of it.  Many people have suggested filing it all in the computer via scanning and whatnot, but I'm not convinced I'll use it there rather than in my file cabinet.  ??  It's my goal to finish by the end of the weekend (during General Conference and while my hubby's out of town).  Wish me luck!

By the Way - - be sure to check out the "What's There to Celebrate" tab at the beginning of each month to find some great ideas to bring joy into your days!  April has just been added...


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