A quote to simmer on

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This is my favorite of two weekends in the year. 

Here is a quote I will be pondering on as I seek answers from the leaders of this great church on how to lead, guide and direct my family.  I know that it is while listening to the prophets' words prayers are answered, peace is felt, and faith is strengthened.  May it be so this weekend, I pray. 

"I can think of nothing sweeter than a home where a man is living his religion, magnifying his priesthood, with his wife supporting him in every way, where love and harmony exists, and where together they are trying to raise a family of righteous sons and daughters whom they can take back into the presence of their Heavenly Father.  This may sound like an impossible dream, but I can assure you that there are thousands of such families within the Church, and it is something that can be a reality for every one of us as we accept and live the teachings of Jesus Christ." 
- - Elder N. Eldon Tanner, Oct. 1973 - -


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